Save Your A-Team with the Cloud

You have worked hard to gather and develop the perfect team and build a profitable business. It may have taken years to train your team in the intricacies of your business, and teach them to work together as a cohesive unit. Then life happens and messes up everything. When life hits, what can you do to save your team?

Major life changes tend to hit people hard, and at a moment when everybody least suspects it. It can be something worth celebrating, like maybe the spouse of a team member is getting a promotion that requires a move across the country. In a life event such as this, your team will lose a key member and face a major setback.

Other times, life can throw you a curveball, and the curveball tips off your bat and smacks you in the face. These curveballs might look like a parent getting diagnosed with cancer, and now your valued team member needs to move across the country to take care of them. In situations like these, it’s hard on everybody when they are forced to choose between continuing working with a rockin’ team, or leave their job to be with a loved one.

For all the talk about how great the cloud is, it’s in these hard life situations when the cloud can save the day by keeping your team together. You know that the cloud can give your employees the capability to work from anywhere, but did you know that the cloud can do more by allowing you to have a satellite workforce?

The difference between a remote worker and a satellite worker is that a remote worker will work from their homes and typically be within driving distance from the office, just in case you need them to physically show up for something; and a satellite employee is still a full-fledged team member, but they may live hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. Cloud services from NOMAD TECHNOLOGY GROUP can give you the capability to stay fully-connected with a satellite employee, or even an entire team of satellite workers.

The value of having satellite team capabilities is obvious for any leader that has done the painstaking work of developing a dynamic team. Can you put a price on your A-Team that brings in so much revenue? It’s estimated that replacing one $8.00 per hour employee costs an average of $9,4444.47. Of course, this figure is just the starting point, it’s almost impossible to put a number on an employee with 5, 10, or even 20 years of experience working in your company.

Time spent training your employees on the ins and outs of your business, and learning the dynamics of all the different personalities that make up your team, can only be purchased with experience. Many of these experiences are unique and impossible to replicate. In the meantime, while you are searching for and training a replacement, your team won’t be full-strength. Even if you take the time and money to invest in a new team member and finally get them up to speed, there’s no guarantee that life won’t hit you again and rob you of all your hard work.

Cloud computing from NOMAD TECHNOLOGY GROUP can empower your local team to work remotely, and your satellite team to work and around the globe. To learn more about connecting your team with the cloud, give NOMAD TECHNOLOGY GROUP a call at 812-618-4032.