NOMAD Technology Group in Evansville

If you operate a business in or around Evansville, Indiana, NOMAD Technology Group’s IT solutions are especially well-suited for your team. As the commercial center of southwestern Indiana, Evansville is home to some of the regions most successful and dynamic organizations. The city’s versatile and stable economy supports a broad range of industrial activity, with multiple NYSE companies calling it home. Since both commercial and nonprofit organizations in the Evansville area are becoming increasingly dependent on IT networks, local business owners are beginning to understand the value of turning to professional IT solutions like the ones offered by NOMAD.

Our involvement

NOMAD began serving clients in the city in 2009. Since then, we have pursued opportunities to become a part of the greater economic community. In Evansville, we are especially proud of our involvement with The Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana. Since its incorporation in 1936, the Chamber has worked to serve as the collective voice of the entire regional business community. Our membership at the Chamber helps us contribute to fostering an innovative commercial environment in Evansville. Along with nearly 1,400 business members, we use our Chamber membership to enact positive change in Evansville and work toward the creation of a stronger regional economy.