Mobile Office – Stay Connected from Anywhere in the World

Ymobile_office_it_servicesour Business at Your Fingertips

On the road, out of town, or at the beach;

Stay connected to your business at all times

In today’s world, running a business is more than a full time job.  Fortunately, the technology exists so you can stay connected with your business no matter where you are.  From mobile smartphones to remote access, there is a wide range of capabilities you can take advantage of, and even give your staff the luxury of as well.  Today, it’s more cost effective than ever.

Mobile Smartphones

Pocket-sized powerhouses of mobile capabilities.

The Smartphone market is booming with countless devices that make it easy for you to check email, sync your schedule, and keep track of contacts.  We can help you find the best mobile platform and device for your needs, and get you connected so no matter where you are, access to your business is at your fingertips.

Remote Access

Connect from Anywhere

For our business, Remote Access has changed the way we work for our clients.  It has increased our productivity and has saved us and our clients on travel time.  You and your staff can benefit from remote access as well; whether you have multiple locations or have staff that can work from home, we can work with you to create a secure connection so you and your end-users can easily get to the files and software they need.

Web Filtering & Firewall – Enterprise-level Security for Small Businesses

webfilter_firewall_IT_ServicesProtect your Network from Unsafe Web Content

Protect your employees and network by preventing questionable and unsafe content from entering your IT infrastructure.

Block inappropriate website content from your employees effectively without keeping your staff from the sites and services they need.  With NOMAD TECHNOLOGY GROUP’s Content Filtering Solutions, you can have precise control over the sites to which your users can go.  Group policies can keep certain employees from accessing sites like Facebook and YouTube, ensuring a more productive environment, and you can completely filter out sites that are distasteful for the work environment.  The intelligent filtering system will automatically detect inappropriate content and block it, so you don’t need to manually enter in banned sites.  Best of all, the system has a nearly non-existent footprint, unlike software filters that bog down your client workstations.  If you have an old workstation that isn’t being used, ask us about configuring it as your content filter to save you the cost of new hardware!

Enterprise-Level Strength Firewall for a Fraction of the Cost

Cost-effective solutions give you the protection you need without breaking the bank

Add an extra layer of protection to your entire network infrastructure by adding a secure Firewall solution to your business.  Block unauthorized access to your computers and network, protect data, and provide a strong first line of defense against viruses and malware.  Hardware firewalls are a comprehensible security solution that requires no interaction for your end-users (unlike typical software firewalls that only offer basic protection and are often at the will of the user to decide when to allow or disallow software to run on the workstation).  No sluggish workstations, no nagging access requests, and as always, peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is being protected and managed.

Other Security Solutions

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-malware
  • Spam protection
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

Here are some of the more popular features our VoIP Phone Systems service offers.

Call Routing Features

  • Auto-Attendants – From simple menus to more complex situations and multiple different auto attendants
  • Time of Day Routing – Ability to route calls based off what time that call is receive
  • Hunt Groups – Never miss a call by having multiple parties phones ring in endless combinations
  • Call Tagging – See what number a caller dialed to get to you to determine greeting to answer with
  • Find Me Follow Me – Route individual line calls by phone number, time of day, and other customizable options and also auto reject calls
  • Faxing
    • Personal Line Faxing
    • Group Faxing – have multiple people receive faxes directly on their desktop from one number
  • Call Intercept – The ability to intercept the next incoming call by pre-defined call groups
  • True Call Queuing

Convenience Features

One Touch Voicemail
Group Voicemail
Fax via Email
Voicemail via Email
Large Phone Screen
  • Full Status of Features of Phone
  • RSS News Feeds – Scrolling News Feeds
  • Call Screening
Secure PIN Based Login
  • Speed Dials
  • Personal Up To 99
  • Enterprise Up To 300
  • Missed Calls
  • Received Calls
  • Placed Calls
  • Personal Contacts
  • Enterprise Contacts
Our Phones
  • Real time status of users on your phone system
Call Recording
Click-to-Dial with Outlook Integration

Advanced Convenience Features

Record on Demand
  • Handset to Handset
  • Overhead
Park and Pick-Up
Faxing To and From Desktop
MeetMe Conference Calls
  • Invite multiple parties to a conference call with PIN secured log ins.
Web Portal Access
  • Call status
  • Access recordings from call
  • Easily establish directories
  • View received faxes
  • Create MeetMe Conferences

Call Handling Features

  • Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward
  • Caller ID
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Conference Calling
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

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