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How 3D Printing Technology Could Change the World

Prepare yourself for the next Industrial Revolution. 3D printers are here and already changing
the world. The technology is going to make life as we know it unrecognizable in the next few
decades to come, the techie visionaries say it is for the better. The science behind these
machines is advancing at a rapid rate, as items from body parts to vehicles are being created
on 3D printers.

About the 3D Printer

If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, you won’t be for long. A 3D printer can create a three
dimensional object, by building it a layer at a time, until you have the item you desire. Designs
start with a digital file that instructs the printer just what to “print”. It is able to make items out
of metal, plastic, nylon and over a hundred more materials. No longer will we need to find
parts to screw together or weld to make an object. All you have to do is design it on the
computer. Experts say eventually we will be able to make anything, anywhere. If you’re not
convinced they will change the world, let us explain what is already being done with these
amazing machines.

3D Printed Cars

At the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Local Motors debuted its Strati
EV, a 3D printed car that you can drive in. The wiring, motor and suspension are plugged into
the 3D printed frame and exterior. The carbon fiber body and chassis weigh 1100 pounds.
This is only one example of how 3D printers are working in the automotive world. Oak Ridge
national Laboratory has unveiled a Cobra that was created, 3-D printed, assembled, painted
and driven in only six weeks. This is surely only the beginning for the auto industry.

3D Printed Body Parts

This is exciting for those who have lost limbs or are in need of a transplant. Currently,
prosthetic limbs are being created that are tailored to fit the individual so that symmetry is
restored to their body, as well as a sense of feeling “normal” around others. In the medical
world, organs like skin, kidneys and heart replicas are being printed. Imagine how this will
affect the life span of a human being.

3D Printed Food

England has produced the first 3D printed hamburger with a machine called “The Foodini”.
The creators claim it will change the way we prepare food in the future. Imagine having
whatever you desire created from scratch right before your eyes with only the press of a
button, and the insertion of a few food capsules containing the ingredients you need. This is
surely only the start as experts talk about replicating livestock for consumption down the road.

Keeping it Local with Less Waste

With 3D printing, there will be no need to outsource to countries like China or Indonesia. We
will be able to domestically manufacture goods easily. It will create much less waste because
of the preciseness of these printers, which will do wonders for the landfills and environment.

What do you think about 3D printers in the future? Pros? Cons? Let us know in the comment
section below!